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Recap of January '24 Opportunities

As we round up the month, I'd like to firstly recap on the opportunities we shared in the past two weeks, most of which are still open for applications.

In week 1, we launched this feature on the blog and shared a variety of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and employed professionals. This included the newly-established Creation Africa incubation program that is targeted at entrepreneurs in the Creative Industry.

In Week 2, I spotlighted the OYW Lead 2030 Scholarships that seek to provide support to young people who are making an impact in contributing to the sustainable development goals such as education, climate change and clean water and sanitation.

As we close off the month, I'd like to share a few more opportunities for this week, which include one more Lead 2030 Scholarship by the Audi Environmental Foundation as well as the Fulbright Scholarship for graduate studies in the USA.

The Fulbright Scholarships currently operates in 41 African countries and "provides participants with the opportunity to study, teach, or conduct research in each others' countries and exchange ideas". Each scholarship is run by each country's specific embassy or consulate. Therefore, I recommend that a interested professionals review this link to see which countries are part of the program, and then to visit the website of the American Embassy in a specific country in order to get more information on how to apply for the program in that country.

Applications close on 17 April 2024 (South Africa) and 5 April 2024 (Lesotho)

The Fulbright has a various grants for students, scholars, teachers, professionals and groups that accept applications at various intervals throughout the year. I recommend this link for details on the different grants and for those looking for opportunities in the Fulbright Program to do more research in order to find opportunities that align with their needs.

The Audi Environmental Foundation is seeking 15 young leaders who are making an impact and driving change in "tackling the climate crisis through innovative new technologies, the advancement of climate education, or the preservation of ecosystems through halting or reversing land degradation". The opportunity covers cost of attendance of the OYW summit.

Applications close on 17 March 2024


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